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Wine and Spirit Education Classroom


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National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism


The National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism is the only public university specialized in hospitality education in Taiwan. Founded in 1995, the NKUHT offers tourism and gastronomic education and is rated number 1 in Taiwan in the “Hospitality and Leisure category”. As a key player in the vibrant international wine and spirit scent, Taiwan offers a unique location for anyone aspiring to be part of the dynamic growing sector. Combined with the huge growth of the wine market in Asia, the need for wine and spirit professionals with advanced, specialized training and education facility is crucial. Therefore, building a professional Wine and Spirit Education Classroom has 2 main purposes: Firstly, to deliver the art and the science of wine and spirit education, secondly, the cultural interior design also help students to immerse in the atmosphere of the civilization of wine and spirit world.

Nevertheless, the climate of Kaohsiung is hot and humid with more than 3,000mm of annual precipitation. The wooden interior construction materials are difficult sustain and easy to be rotted by termites. Mostly importantly, education is a long-term plan. The classroom cannot be rebuilt every 10 years, which is a waste for natural resources. 



Therefore, we consider if a classroom dedicated for wine and spirit education is able to be used for more than 5 decades as well as maintain the function and the aesthetic, it can not only reduce the waste of natural resources, but also be a part of culture heritage of the university, which is an attitude to cherish the environment and the pursuit for aesthetic.


Therefore, with our architect Mr. Ye Yu Tang of Your Town Art & Design CO., LTD, we have decided the following 5 aspects to accomplish this project:


1.      The Function of the Wine/Spirit Sensory Evaluation Classroom


The motion of wine/spirit tasting is comprised of sight, swirl, sniff, sip, and spit out. Therefore, the design of this classroom provides wine and spirit sensory analysis education using discriminative, descriptive, and hedonic (consumer) testing. The basic requirement of this classroom are:

-          50 individual tasting booths divided by the aluminum remote elastic fans

-          Controlled LED lighting and air refreshing ventilation

-          50 spittoons with inner water draining system

-          Computerized data collection


2.      Motion planning


The classroom is designed as a concentric circle. The platform, which is located at the center of the classroom, is not only a focus point for the visions of audiences but also shortens the distance of communication between speakers and tasters/audiences with only 8 meters to the last row.



3.  Interior Construction Materials

We choose metals for the construction material because of the durability and could be used for at least 50 years, which can reduce the waste of the nature resources. The proportion of the construction material is 70% of metals, including bronze, red copper, nickel, iron and alumni, and 20% of plaster, 7% for ceramic tile and 3% of wood.




4.      Construction/Decoration Technique


To maintain the classroom for more than 50 years, this classroom should take the easy-maintenance aspect into consideration. Therefore, the metal pieces on the floor and ceiling are made in mould with glass fibers, which can be teared down for the internal maintenance. The water pipes and electric wires in the table can be replaced easily. The maintenance staff can enter to the ceiling easily. The wall is built with ancient plaster technique, which shows the modest beauty just like in a ancient wine cave/cellar and is durable in time.


5. Function and space demonstration


The elegance of tulip shaped spittoons helps tasters to spit out wine/sprit after tasting. When tasters spit out, their lips could be hidden in the spittoon (more elegance). After tasting, the wine flush out through the edge of the spittoon and the will not spread out on the table. The aluminum remote elastic fans looks like the wing of the metal table, which can reduce the interference between tasters, adding warm visual color to the metallic space. When the elastic shading fans are when they are fully extended, the entire room looks like the dancing metal tables. The chairs in the classroom are designed like the shape of 3 tree trunks. When the chairs are placing together in a row, the chair legs look like many many trees in the forest.



This classroom is designed and made with the purpose for long-term usage to reduce resource consumption. A design combined with modern and traditional skills, showing a harmonious beauty through the old and new mechanics.


« January 2020»


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