Full-Time / Project
Job titleNameTelephone numberE-mail授課專長
Professional Specialist (Professor Level) and ChairLai, Ku-Hsien2200,5701Email1.Western Culinary
2.Restaurant Operation
DirectorLiu, Tsong-Zen1240,5351Email1. Hospitality and Tourism Information Management and Research
2.Hospitality and Tourism Electronic Commerce Research
3.Hospitality and Tourism Digitized Lesson Research
4.Hospitality and Tourism Digitized Information Collection Research
Professor and DeanLiu, Hsiu-Hui5343,2200Email1.Restaurant Management
2.Green Restaurant
3.Restaurant Human Resources Management
4.Service Management
Associate ProfessorChen, Wen-Tsung5338Email1.Hotel Restaurant Operation and Planning
2.Restaurant Service Training
3.Restaurant Human Resources Development
4.Mixology and Bar Management
5.Wine Service Art
Associate ProfessorChen, Joyce5326Email1.Restaurant Service
2.Restaurant Human Resources Training and Development
3.Beverage Management
Associate ProfessorYang, Fan5325Email1.Hospitality Industry Administration
2.Menu Designing and Planning
Associate ProfessorHung, Li-Chu5386,2204Email1.Restaurant Marketing
2.Restaurant Accounting
3.Restaurant Finance
4.Service Quality
Assistant ProfessorWu, Su-Hua5320,2204Email1.Restaurant Management
2.Enterprise Management
Assistant ProfessorChen, Chien-hao5345,2204Email1.Introduction to Wine and Spirits
2.Wine Knowledge
3.Wine and Food Pairing
4.Sensory Analysis
Assistant ProfessorChen, Yih-Lang5392,2204Email1.Hospitality and Tourism Management
2. Chain Management
3. Hospitality Practitioner Training and Business skills
Professional Specialist (Assistant Professor Level)Lee, Tung-Ju5345,2204Email1.Restaurant Service
2.Restaurant Operation
InstructorCheng, Shu-Feng5385,2204Email1.Hotel Management
2.Restaurant Service
3.Introduction to Restaurant
Project InstructorHuang, I-Chun2204Email1.Hotel Management
2.Restaurant Service
3.Introduction to Restaurant
Project InstructorShih, Ying-Yu2204Email1. Mixology Management
2. Asian Coffee Knowledge
Professional Specialist (Instructor Level)He, Sin-Wei2204Email1. Wine Knowledge
2. Food and Wine Service


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