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Course Description and Objectives

Our study targets put emphasis on humanity, critical and knowledgeable thinking, action-driven and the core value of “service”. We could achieve these targets through lessons and on or off-campus internships. It can not only cultivate working skills, but also build up teamwork, attitude and correct concept to nurture management talents with arts and humanism quality, international viewpoint and ability of life-learning simultaneously.

Course/Curriculum planning philosophy

Beverage and Management, so students could choose according to their interests. We provide one-year and half year internship for our four-year and two-year bachelor degree program respectively, to equip them with practical and managing skills. We cooperate with Department of International Affairs to provide internship abroad program and double degree program. After graduation, we hope students would be able to work as assistant manager, supervisor, bartender, sommelier, barista and F&B administrator.

Core Curriculum


We aim to nurture  Food Culinary, Wine & Beverage and Management assistant managers, supervisors, bartenders, sommeliers, baristas and F&B administrators. Our two-year bachelor degree program focuses on management whereas four-year bachelor degree program focuses on practical management and creativity.

Courses design:

(A)  Cultivate versatile hospitality talents and develop assistant managers, supervisors, bartenders, sommeliers, baristas and F&B administrators.

(B)  Four main categories: General education, Compulsory college subjects, Compulsory department subjects and Elective department subjects. They provide diversified learning environment and cultivate versatile talents.

Strengthening students’ practical skills through internship.