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Course Notes

Common Questions:
Q1:Could I select courses from other departments?
A1:Yes. We admits maximum twelve credits of courses from other departments.
Q2:How could I retake the course when I failed?
A2:You have to retake the course with the same title and the same credit when you failed. The chair of this department will help if there are any standard changes.
Q3:Could I retake the course outside the school when I failed?
A3:Yes. You can retake the course at another school. You should check the regulation of Academic Affairs on the website. Fill in the application form and hand in with course description to our office and once we approve it can be calculated.
Q4: How many credits can I take for each semester ?
A4:Maximum 28 and minimum 10 credits each semester for four-year bachelor degree program.
Q5:Could students of four-year program take elective courses of two-year program?
A5:Yes. However it has to be approved by our office if there is any class schedule conflict.

Questions for two-year bachelor degree program:
Q1: bridging courses in the first year in order to gain entry level knowledge to prepare you for better studies. All these 5 courses will be accredited.

A1:1.Restaurant Service (2 credits/4 hours)
      2.Introduction to Culinary Arts (2 credits/4 hours)
      3. Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism (2 credits/2 hours)
      4.Mixology (2 credits/3 hours)
      5.Restaurant Management (2 credits/2 hours)
Q2:Could students from day division retake courses from night school? Vice versa.

A2:Yes. However it has to be approved by our office if there is any class schedule conflict. Extra tuition fees will be charged for the night school.

Q3:Could students from night school take electives from day division? 

A3:Since there are no night schools in Western Culinary Arts, Chinese Culinary Arts and Baking Technology and Management, night school students could take courses from their day division. Therefore, electives in night school will be the first priority.